Apples Class
Grade 000
Max 12 in the Class

Apples class was our very first classroom when our school opened 19 years ago and as such, Apples will always be our favourite class.

Apples class is an extremely important class as it is here that we lay the foundation for Berries class. The children in Apples class are considered “big” children now and as such take part in lessons such as Letterland, basic maths etc, whilst still doing fun activities such a painting, play dough etc.

The children have a set routine in Apples class and have set work, themes, activities, work books and learning outcomes, whilst all being taught in our standard fun, educational and interactive way. 

We use a great deal of apparatus in our classroom to help the children with fine and gross motor skills, eye-hand co-ordination, logic and the pincer grip (which is very important for writing, painting etc), shapes, colours, senses and more.

Our weekly / daily schedule includes:

Language Development | Art | Tactile and Sensory System work | Story Time | Maths | Music | Drums | Letterland | Felt Board Work | Daily practical life system | Free dramatic play | Construction play | Workbook activities | As well as daily play times in one of our beautiful playgrounds

We have a great time in Apples class and we look forward to see in Apples class soon!

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