Berries Class
Grade 00

Welcome to Berries Class!

Our main objective in this class is to prepare out little ones mentally, emotionally and physically for Grade R. We use a variety of teaching techniques and apparatus in order to achieve this goal.

In Berries class, we focus very much on each individual child’s needs as not all children learn at the same pace or in the same way. We are very careful when teaching our pupils that they do truly understand the work that they are doing before moving onto the next skill. If they are still unsure, we go over it until they are completely happy with it and have grasped the concept completely.

Berries class is a very large classroom which is divided into separate sections to suit the different parts of the lesson. We achieve very high teaching standards in Berries, all whilst keeping each lesson fun, interactive and enjoyable.

Our weekly / daily schedule includes:

Language Development | Art | Tactile and Sensory System work | Story Time | Music | Maths | Yoga / Meditation | English / Letterland | Writing | Logic | Work processing | Workbook | Syllabus | Science | Skills work

As well as daily play times in one of our beautiful playgrounds

We look forward to seeing you and your child in Berries Class soon!

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