2021 Themes

NoThemeStarting dateFinishing date
1Back to school (Orientation & Assessments)04 January29 January
2Valentines Day01 February12 February
3Me: Family, House, Pets, Me15 February26 February
4Garden, Bugs, Seasons & Weather01 March17 March
5Easter18 March01 April
6Disney06 April12 April
7Dinosaurs13 April30 April
8Wonderful world of books / Dr Seuss03 May14 May
9Transport & Road Safety17 May31 May
10Health, Body, Food & Sport01 June25 June
11History & Around the World13 July23 July
12My Senses26 July30 July
13Careers & Community Helpers02 August20 August
14Space23 August03 September
15Heritage06 September17 September
16Under the Sea20 Septembber08 October
17Animals (Farm & Wild)11 October22 October
18Prom & Celebrations25 October29 October
19Christmas & Thanksgiving01 November08 December

2021 Events

EventDateAmountParticipating Class/es
Valentines Day Ball12 FebruaryR50 p childAll classes
PJ Day05 MarchAll classes
Dr Seuss Book Day14 MayAll classes
Seedlings 19th Birthday04 JuneAll classes
Sports Day25 JuneAll classes
Career Day20 AugustAll classes
Spring Day Picnic01 SeptemberAll classes
Heritage Day17 SeptemberAll classes
Prom29 OctoberR50 p childAll classes
Thanksgiving26 NovemberAll classes
Class ConcertsTBAAll classes
Easter Events
Hot Cross Bun Day22 MarchAll classes
Easter Bonnet Parade26 March All classes
Treasure Hunt29 MarchAll classes
Representation of The Last Supper31 MarchAll classes
Mothers Day PicnicsDateFathers Day PicnicsDate
Peaches Class03 MayPeaches Class21 June
Lemons Class 04 MayLemons Class22 June
Mangoes Class05 MayMangoes Class23 June
Apples Class06 MayApples Class24 June
Berries Class07 MayBerries Class25 June

** Please note that prices, events, dates and themes are subject to change

School Fun Days

School must always be a fun experience and we make sure our little ones are always having fun (and learning without realizing it) by incorporating, a variety of fun days into our school year, these events include:

A Valentine‚Äôs day ball , PJ day, Dr Seuss book day, Career day, Sports day, Heritage day, A thanksgiving day feast, School end of year Prom.

And many more, please visit our school Facebook Page to see photos of all our wonderful school events.