Our Grade R class is unprecedented in terms of education, teaching methods, class apparatus and goals we achieve.

Our main objective for the Grade R children is to prepare them emotionally, mentally and physically for school and most important of all, for our pupils to be well-rounded young individuals with the confidence to succeed in all their future endeavours.

We have very high teaching standards and goals that our Grade R’s achieve, all whislt being taught in a very fun and interactive way.

We believe strongly in a multi-sensory learning approach and use our in-class media centre when explaining a concept or activity to the children. This gives them a very broad and worldly education and we include topics such as history, geography and more into our curriculum.

We use the CAPS curriculum as a basis for our learning and then add to that our own Seedlings approved syllabus. This ensures that the children not only meet the requirements of primary school, but far exceed them as well.

Our syllabus includes:

Reading | Art and art history | English | Writing | Music | Maths | Yoga / Meditation | Graph Work | Addition / Subtraction | Units of measurement | Logic | Skills work | Work Syllabus | Telling the Time | Science | Currency / Money Exchange work

As well as daily play times in one of our beautiful playgrounds and much more!