Lemons Class
“Older” Babies
Max 9 per class

Now that your little one is comfortably walking, it is time for them to join Lemons Class. With all the new skills being mobile brings, children need to be stimulated at a completely different level and in a different way, but we will still keep some of the “baby comforts” to make the transition to Lemons Class a happy one, whilst bringing in a variety of equipment and teaching techniques to stimulate the little ones ever-growing minds and curiosity.

Our weekly / daily activities include:

Language Development | Art | Tactile and Sensory System | Story Time | Messy Play | Music | Drums | Letterland | Felt Board Work | Daily practical life system | Free dramatic play | Construction play | Workbook activities | As well as daily play times in one of our beautiful playgrounds

The Lemons classroom is a very large, open space for lots of interactive gross motor learning and exploring. We have designated sections to give a holistic daily program.

A fantasy area to promote play and stimulate imagination

A construction zone

A mini library area

As well as tables and chairs so little ones can start learning skills such as coloring, play dough etc.

Children in Lemons Class can now also take part in our school workbook curriculum. These are fun fine-motor activities for the children to do on a daily basis.

We look forward to seeing you and your little one in Lemons class soon.

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