Mangoes Class
Max 10 in the class

Mangoes class is a truly wonderful environment for our little toddlers. Children in this age group are very busy and need interaction as well as stimulation and constructed play and learning.

At this age the children are starting to get into a set routine as they prepare for progressing into the older classes. Mangoes children are given more guided exercises / work in order to promote self-confidence and independence with a teacher’s supervision should they need help, guidance or just some reassurance and encouragement.

Mangoes class is a very large and spacious class with designated areas for specific skills and activities.

Children in Mangoes class are now at the age of starting potty training. We ensure this is a fun and happy experience for everyone concerned by working closely with the parents. In order to assist our little ones with this process, Mangoes class has its own bathroom with toddler sized toilets and basins, making this experience fun and enjoyable.

Whilst there is more of a formal school environment in Mangoes class, we still teach with our old faithful method: “learning through play” We once again stick to the idiom that if a child is not happy and enjoying themselves, they will not learn.

Our weekly / daily schedule includes:

Language Development | Art | Tactile and Sensory System work | Messy Play | Music | Drums | Letterland | Felt Board Work | Daily practical life system | Free dramatic play | Construction play | Workbook activities | As well as daily play times in one of our beautiful playgrounds

We look forward to seeing you and your little one in Mangoes Class soon!

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