We are proud to introduce you to our sister school: Bateleur college.

Since our schools inception in 2002 we have never been comfortable recommending a primary school. This was due to either a lack of knowledge about the school or because we are not keen on the school itself. After much deliberation and time spent at Bateleur we feel it is a school very similar to our way of thinking and ethos.

They accept childrenfrom Grade 1 to 12 and are situated just up the road on Boundary road. Their class numbers are very small with teachers focused on pupils’ individual needs and attention and they have a no tolerance policy when it comes to bullying. Their school is owner run and is situated on a truly massive property ensuring the pupils have the freedom and space to be kids.

Bateleur hosts 2 exclusive open days for us per year, where all our parents will be given a guided tour of the school and can ask any questions they wish.

We all know that the schools in the area have a waiting list over a year long. Seedlings is fortunate enough that Bateleur holds 5 seats available in Grade 1 every year for Seedlings children only. So if your child comes from our school you are virtually guaranteed a place in their school.

Parents are not obligated to send their children to Bateleur College because we are their sister school. This is purely our recommendation and parents must please feel free to ask us any information about Bateleur or any other school in the area. 

For more information on Bateleur College please log onto their website on www.bateleurcollege.co.za