Peaches Class
(3 months – +/- walking)
Max 6 in the class

Welcome to learning all about our Elite Baby Centre called Peaches.

It is crucial for any child’s development that they are corectly stimulated from a very young age and are not just cared for on a basic level. Babies are such an important age group as they cannot verbally communicate their needs to their caretakers, thus; their surroundings and caregivers must be fully devoted to their every need and want, all the while making sure they are loved unconditionally and feel happy, safe and content.

No two babies are the same and we encourage babies to stick to whichever schedule / feeding and sleep routine they are used to at home. All these things help our babies to feel comfortable and settled from day one.

Our weekly / daily activities include:

Baby Gym | Language development | Baby Hands | Tummy Time | Art | Tactile and Sensory System | Story Time | Messy Play | Music | Drums

As well as daily play times outside in our indoor / outdoor playground which has synthetic grass to prevent allergies and skin reactions

Some of the other fantastic features of Peaches Class are:

  1. We do weekly weight and height checks

2. Each baby has their own Respisense Breathing Monitor for sleep time

3. Digital interactive daily progress reports recording sleep, food, nappies etc

4. Daily activity charts showing everything your little one has done throughout the day

5. Each baby has their own designated cot with linen specific to their cot included and babies are only in their cots when they are sleeping

6. Each cot has an age-appropriate sleep wedge to aid with sleep and to keep your little one in the correct and safe sleeping position

7. We have our own fridge so the babies’ food is separate from the rest of the school’s

8. We have all our cots sprayed with non-toxic, eco-friendly baby-safe spray once a month to get rid of all dust mites and dust particles which cause (just to mention a few) hay fever, asthma, allergies and eczema as well as all our cot bedding being pure cotton and all mattresses are baby safe

9. We have classical music / nursery rhymes playing in our class at all times as this promotes spatial awareness and brain stimulation

10. We have specially designed air purifiers in all our classrooms

And many more fantastic things that make our baby centre stand out above the rest. We look forward to seeing you in peaches class soon!

What is Sensory Stimulation?

Sensory Stimulation / Play is any activity that stimulates the following areas of your baby’s development:

Your baby’s senses: touch, smell, taste, movement, sight and hearing

Body Awareness: In conjunction with babies’ senses; sensory stimulation helps baby to become aware of their body as well and sort out all the information they are receiving and learn how to process it correctly. Body Awareness is highly influenced by proprioceptive processing, the sensory information baby receives from the movement and force of muscles and joint groups

Spatial Awareness: Sensory Stimulation helps baby to understand where they and the objects being presented to them relate to each other in the space they are in. It also helps with object permanence and the understanding that things continue to exist, even when they cannot be seen, felt or heard.

Peaches Sensory Room

An additional great element of Peaches Class is our own separate sensory dedicated from connected to our classroom. Our sensory room has a multitude of sensory stimulation perfectly tailored to fulfill every aspect of your growing and curious baby’s sensory requirements.

Our Sensory room inlcudes:

A tactile wall

A visual discrimination wall

A mood and emotion wall

Eye tracking apparatus

As well as our dedicated sensory stimulation system

Peaches Class Gallery