We are so proud that we have 5 completely different and incredible playgrounds at our school and, here is a real life look at one of our 5 playgrounds:

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Free outdoor play forms a vital part of any child’s holistic education, that is why we have 5
very different and beautiful playgrounds to give your child a variety of play experiences. All
our classes and age groups use and rotate each day between playgrounds ensuring all
children get to experience the variety that all our playgrounds offer on a daily basis

The first is an all-weather playground with a roof that can be opened or closed depending on
the weather, this playground is particularly unique as it is entirely equipped with modular soft play equipment perfect for gross motor play such as running, climbing, balancing as well as work their vestibular and proprioceptive systems. We love this playground as it ensures the children always have an outside playground no matter if it is raining, very hot or very cold.

The second is our 500m2 playground which has a beautiful very large rubberized bike track,
messy play area with mud kitchen,, construction area, jungle gym with spiral slide and
monkey bars, a brick play house and our synthetic grassed area which we use for tennis,
basketball and all other physical activities. Our second playground has a wonderful canopy
of well-established trees offering not only shade but a multitude of sensory experiences for the little ones

Our third and fourth playgrounds are our 400m2 top and middle playgrounds which can be split into 2 or used as complete playground The top section has a beautiful wooden jungle gym complete with bridge, slide and cargo net, it also had a tree house which is full of everything a little one would need to play “house”. The surface of this playground is rubberized to provide complete protection while your little ones play.

The middle section is a combination of real and synthetic grassed areas, ride on tyre
elephants and giraffes, truck sandpit and messy play kitchen, perfect for creating some ever poplar mud pies : )

Our fifth playground has beautiful real fruit trees (which the children harvest and eat in spring time) and various modular soft play equipment items All classes rotate between all our playgrounds each week ensuring constant variety of play with various equipment opportunities.