Seedlings and Flowers Bio Metric security system

Security is on the forefront of everyone’s minds these days and here at Seedlings we think into the future rather than looking back into the past. 

When it comes to security here at Seedlings, our motto is “prevention is better than cure”. We can say with confidence that our security track record over the past 15 years is unprecedented and spotless and, we are proud to say that we are continuing to be the best school around by having the best security system around. One of our main security features is our biometric fingerprint security and access control system in our school. We have 12 cameras in our school monitoring our parking lot, all entrances and exits as well as every other security area of our school. When it comes to accessing our grounds, each parent and nominated collection / drop off person has to have their fingerprints on file with our school and will have to use our fingerprint reader to gain access through our main gate. If your fingerprint is not on the system, you are not coming in! 
Once a person is verified by the fingerprint reader, he or she then has to gain access through our foyer remote controlled gate which can only be opened by one of our managers / owner. 

Our security is unparalleled in our field. We guild the security lily even further by being linked to SOS who have a vehicle patrolling 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our school is behind an electrified fence and we are in a boomed suburb.

To ensure that, in the unlikely event of an emergency, we are prepared, we are also linked to Vitalmed emergency response who can be at our school premises in a matter of minuets.